Elect Lorra Jackson

Fresh eyes committed to managing a growing county.

General Election | November 6, 2018

We are growing. Let’s grow smart!

Elect Lorra Jackson for Smart Growth for the residents of Bonney Lake, Buckley, Carbonado, Crystal Mountain, Greenwater, Lake Tapps, Orting, South Hill, South Prairie, Wilkeson, and the unincorporated areas of East Pierce County.


Local Jobs

Lorra Jackson intimately understands the long commute many in Pierce County must take to work. In addition to advocating for expanded public transportation, Lorra Jackson is committed to working with responsible businesses to create local jobs with living wages within Pierce County. We want companies to partner with and invest in our community and its resources.


Lorra Jackson believes in fairness for both land owners and renters. She wants to extend the non-eviction notices from 20 days to 90 days. In order to help reduce the growing homelessness issue in Pierce County, she believes having 90 days to find a new home is reasonable if tenants are paying rent on time and meeting the rental agreement.


As a single mother, Lorra Jackson knows keeping District 1 a welcoming place to raise your children is important. She will advocate to keep programs such as “Safe routes to School”, building sidewalks where necessary, and expanding public spaces like parks and youth recreational facilities. Lorra Jackson also supports promoting community activities to build, foster, and nurture neighborhood relationships. When we know our neighbors, our community grows stronger.