Why I Am Running

Growing up as the child of an Army recruiter and a seamstress, I moved to Puyallup with my family in the early 1990s when my parents bought a home in South Hill. Puyallup was my home from Junior High through High School when my dad was stationed in Alaska. I came back to attend the University of Washington, before leaving to pursue a Masters in Fine Art in NYC. I have watched our area grow from forested areas with peeks of wildlife and no sidewalks, to the thriving and growing community it is now. Three and a half years ago, I moved back to South Hill with my young daughter to reestablish roots in my hometown.

Although it may have grown up a bit since I was in younger, it still has the same welcoming people it always has. I am proud of the diversity in our community and how neighbors are still open to being neighbors. We love this community! My daughter especially loves our parks, the public library, and the pumpkin patches.

Pierce County is growing at a rapid pace. But this growth has to be balanced with the needs of its citizens. We need to prevent overdevelopment and ease traffic congestion so that people can get home quicker and spend more time with family. We must invest in our community, so it continues to be a place we and our children thrive and enjoy.

My priority is protecting the quality of life for our community. I will do this by building out public spaces, protecting our residents, and making our community a place people want to live. From increasing green space to advocating for better solutions to reduce traffic, I will work to represent the needs of the people in our community.  I’m passionate about advocating for local job creation that will keep people closer to home. I’m a strong advocate for renters rights and protections to ensure housing is affordable and accessible to all residents in Pierce County.